Don't Burn It... Build Something With It!



In most cases we charge by the "board foot."
Softwoods are $.25 per bf.
Hardwoods are $.30 per bf.
** A variety of factors can make prices negotiable.

Customers say "'s almost too smooth to call rough-cut!"

What is a Board Foot?
-- 1 inch by 12 inches by 12 inches equals 1 board foot (bf). For example: a 2"x4"x8' = 5.33 bf. At $.25 per bf that board will cost only $1.33, compared to an average cost of $2.80 to $3+ at the home center and that board actually measures 1 1/2"x3 1/2"x8'. It doesn't take many boards for the savings to add up.

What about drying?
-- It's been said, "the only difference between air drying and kiln drying is time." We have an excellent climate for air drying with great results.

Rough-cut lumber is not right for all projects.
-- Building inspectors will OK rough-cut lumber for many home projects once the moisture content is low enough.
-- If the logs come from your own land, you can even use the lumber to build your whole house.
-- Most authorities agree that rough-cut lumber is just as good and just as strong (in some cases stronger) than kiln dried lumber.

In a recent article about building with rough-cut lumber which was published in Sawmill & Woodlot Management magazine, Vermont based forest engineer and contributing edior, Irwin Post wrote this: "I find building with rough-sawn lumber satisfying, particularly when I've harvested the trees and milled the lumber myself. I enjoy treating each board individually, assessing it for its strength and suitability for my purposes. I find that I work with higher quality lumber than that generally available at lumber yards, which I consider a worthwhile trade-off for the extra time it takes to trim both ends of every piece and deal with thickness and width variations. The money savings are also a big bonus!"